Our Style

In Milan, Barbara Di Davide has always been known for the huge color palette of the yarns and the exceptional quality of its garments.
In addition to this combination of quality and color, our knitwear has as main identifiers the values of Italian elegance, attention to detail and personality, in opposition to fashion and seasonal trends of the market. This strategy allows us to develop and sell quality cashmere sweaters, with a special care to details that make the difference.


Our goal is to address our offer to the people who share these virtues, evoking them these elements each time a Barbara Di Davide article is put on. To emphasize the uniqueness of our collections and the importance of our clients, we provide an efficent made to order service in our stores: if a style is not available in the color or size wanted, customers can ask our staff the production of the article selected, without extra charge. Then, the garment ordered will be in store within 15 working days.

The creation of new shapes and styles is consistent with the distinctive values of the brand.
This process not only relies on pure aesthetic components, but bases its foundations on two other issues: the raw materials research and dyeing stage. The importance of these two elements is determined by our desire to constantly impress the customer with new models that are manufactured with innovative yarn and original colors, but at the same time retain a kind of timelessness elegance which is a main feature of our brand.
In a nutshell, the balance between shapes, colors and innovation is what drives Barbara Di Davide team in cashmere knitwear development.