Our core Values

The values that sorround our Brand are basically four.
Their union represents our true and unique essence, which is the force that drives our actions.

The biggest mission is transmitting the importance of Italian craftsmanship. Making the clients understand the quality of the Made in Italy by Barbara Di Davide means telling them the way we work, our passion and story.

The main value we guard is the love for what we daily do. Regardless of the activity type, the care and respect of the entire value chain care is the consistent feeling. We wish that the network of our suppliers, which represent the true strength of our brand, and our customers, who are our most important asset, share this kind of emotion.

Then, the desire to state their own personality distinguishes our creative process. What we offer in our Cashmere knitwear Collections is a combination of timeless elegance and city sportsmanship. All of that has the color as main character.

Finally, the simplicity represents the basis of our actions. This is because our origins are humble and understated is the way we are.