Created in Italy: the production process

100% Made in Italy. That is what we want to ensure to our customers.
To achieve this goal, Barbara Di Davide handles carefully all the value-adding production stages.

The first stage of the value chain that we do internally is the raw materials selection: its importance is high, as it will determine the products nature and the quality perception. Afterwards, the raw cashmere is subjected to the dyeing process. The color selection is as critical as the choice of raw materials, because an exciting color palette encourages the customer emotions. Then, the step of spinning is performed, leading to the production of cashmere yarn which is used for Barbara Di Davide garments. The cashmere yarn is kept in bobbins.

Simultaneously to the described stages, Barbara Di Davide team proceeds with seasonal Collection development, in line with brand values. Any new model should be characterized by sporty elegance, untying from the fashion trends of the moment.


The production is carried out in collaboration with a network of carefully selected Italian workshops. Their experience and the continuous creative discussion allow Barbara Di Davide to be up-to-date in the production process.


At the end, the desire to tell the customers our story and the value that lies behind our products has led us to directly operate the sale of our precious cashmere knitwear by a store chain.