Capsule Collections

Within each Barbara Di Davide collection the color palette expresses a balance between classic cashmere tones, such as navy blue, brown, grey and silver, and new and sparkling ones. The unique quality of our garments is obtained by a careful raw material selection that are subjected to rigorous processes that combine tradition and innovation. The yarn thus obtained is manufactured by different processes, and each of them lead to cashmere sweaters that have different features.

- The "Cloud" (or gauze) knitwear: these articles follow a particular production process which allows to obtain sweaters that have high softness and a unique touch, while retaining the cashmere properties. This type of cashmere has no seasonality, and consequently is an all year round item in our stores, declined in ready to wear styles and accessories;
- The "18 Gauge" capsule: the name comes from the number of needles per inch in the machine used for this kind of production. This capsule is characteristic of spring and summer colection as it has a light texture, remaining fresh on the skin and shiny to the eyes;
- The "Stockinette" Stitch knitwear selection: manufacturing stage characteristics of winter season, which enhances the cashmere thermoregulatory capacity, which is the ability to maintain steady the body temperature despite of the external climate.

Regardless of the particular process, as a whole the knitwear of Barbara Di Davide expresses elegance, attention to detail and personality, without being something that is subject to the logic of fashion and trends. Our goal is just to transmit these values to the people who are able to appreciate them.

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