A feeling

Barbara Di Davide, i cashmere is the young dynamic company founded in 1999 by Franco and Barbara Di Davide, engaged in precious knitwear manufacturing and retailing through three boutiques situated in Milan. The brand birth and development is the result of the duo character, oriented toward humilty, growth and continuous improvement of what you have at your disposal.

After a long time spent on the weekly street markets in Milan and Forte Dei Marmi, Franco and Barbara decide to build something able to express their manner to perceive clothing. Hence, they try to find a raw materials that could represent their values of quality and distinction. Among all the various fibers examined, the couple is attracted by the peculiarities of the hircus goat wool, from which derives the cashmere yarn.


It this period an idea grows in Franco and Barbara’s mind: to integrate this awesome fiber with italian manufacturing knowledge, in order to create unique an timeless superior quality products, adressed to people that share the same values of personality and elegance.

Pushed by a desire to ensure direct contact with their clients for highlighting the care behind every single garment,  the two entrepeneurs start to build their own commercial network. The first store of the chain is opened in Milan, during 2000, and precisely in via del Torchio; two years later it is decided to move in via Fiori Chiari. Then, in 2005 the second store of the network opens in via Belfiore. In 2007 the duo opts for moving from via Fiori Chiari to via Madonnina, always remaining in the fantastic Brera district. Afer, the will to increase the presence in the Milan market leads to the third store opening in corso Genova during 2008.


Nowadays, the company looks with exitement to the opportunities in the market, regarding innovations in the production as well as potential new openings.
What remains unchanged in the approach is the group of values which contributed to the growth until now.